Our Brands


We currently only sell products from cbdMD - supplied by Ultra Sport EU. This is because we believe they are currently the best available on the market. 

Why do we choose cbdMD?


Guaranteed non-detectable THC in every product.

Their manufacturing process is the only viable option capable of preserving all the valuable properties of the hemp plant while eliminating the presence of THC. With every cbdMD product, the THC content remains undetectable at the lowest level that can be consistently detected using valid scientific analytical tools. No intoxication, no high.


Proprietary process that preserves valuable cannabinoids and terpenes.

The all-new standardized formula engineered at cbdMD makes use of quantitative and constant levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. We blend these molecular structures together in a way that allows them to work efficiently with one another and reinforce the wholesome benefits of CBD like never before. CBD + CBG + CBN = cbdMD.


Using only the most high-tech certified GMP and NSF labs for manufacturing and production.

CbdMD comply and adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMP), which ensures our products are always created and managed according to high-quality standards. Seeking third party certification of our GMP compliance from NSF verifies our commitment to meeting and pushing beyond standards of public health and safety.


All products are third-party tested at ISO-certified labs.

Step by step, cbdMD make sure our manufacturing follows only the strictest of standards. Even before you see cbdMD on shelves, you can rest assured that each product has gone through a rigorous test with third-party, ISO-certified labs.


The only pure-play CBD company ever listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

cbdMD strive for transparency and brand awareness; they want the world to know who they are and what they do. They’re proudly able to display the high value we have within ourselves here and with each of our premium CBD products by being the only pure-play CBD company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE American: YCBD).